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Дата проведения конференции 22-23.11.2012
Место проведения г. Сургут, Россия
Научное направление медицина
Организатор конференции Сургутский государственный университет Ханты-Мансийского округа
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Abazyeva O.V. The treatment of diseases of the cervical-uterine method of radio – wave surgery in the
women’s consultation of the town Put-Yakh.
Abubakirov A. Hemorrhoidectomy using Liga Sure.
Agarkova T., Kublinskiy A., Evtushenko E., Naslednikova I., NovitskiyV. Immunogenetic aspects of treatment
of infertility associated with endometriosis.
Akashev R.V, Piksin I.N., Pigachev A.V. Method of Diabetic Foot Classification.
Akimenko N.L. Clinical and functional characteristics of asthma in children, combined with opisthorchiasis.
Aleksandrov К.А. Frequency of autoimmune diseases of thyroid in the group of children and teenagers
with the diabetes mellitus of a 1 type.
Alishev O.T, Shaimardanov R. Sh., Toychuev Z.M, Khaziyeva A.G, Maharjan R.K. Optimal methods of postoperative
wound complication prophylaxis, after repairing ventral hernia of large sizes.
Alyarova A.I. Congenital Malformations of Fetus – Modern Approaches to Diagnostics and Treatment.
Babaev M.S. Primary delayed anastomosis at resection of a small intestine in conditions of peritonitis.
Barbashinov N.A. The role and place of strangulated abdominal wall hernias in emergency surgical pathology.
Barskova E.J. Features of clinical diagnostics of vesico – ureteric reflux in children.
Batasheva N.N., Hamza E.S. Characteristics of dispensary group of children with various forms of diabetes
and concomitant endocrine diseases.
Bediku E. G., Mirzoeva G. T. The evaluation of the correction effectiveness of cervical incompetence in
the second trimester of pregnancy.
Belova E.A. Metabolic shifts and endothelium status after BMI change.
Biankina M.U. New approaches to psychological particularities’s study of personalaty in people with
Burmasova A.V. The role of normalization of gastrointestinal trast motor function in duodenal ulcer
Chemakina D. S., Tausheva A. Y. Clinical and epidemiological peculiarities of generalized intrauterine
infections among newborns.
Copytova I.Y. Nitrogen monoxide in treatment of retroperitoneal cellulitis.
Davidenko O.P. Specialized Medical Care for Patients with Diabetic Foot Syndrome in the KhMAO-Ugra.
Djanbulatova Z.A. Opportunities of the thermal imaging diagnostics in patients with obliterating atherosclerosis
of arteries of the lower extremities.
Dmitrieva A.G., Burmasova A.V., Zulfigarova B.T. Tumor of the pericardium: a case report.
Dolgopolova D.A., Vedenkina I.V., Ivanova A.N. Structural and functional changes in the myocardium in
patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Dolzhikov А.А., Dmitriyev V.N., Shernakov Е.V. Reproductive portrait of the young woman with precancer
changes of the cervix uteri.
Gabdrakhimova L.I., Kotelkina O. S. Evaluation of treatment effectiveness among patients with Krone’s
Gadjiyeva A.A., Amiragian D.M. Relaparotomy in the treatment of diffuse peritonitis.
Galiullin I.A. A retrospective analysis of patients with acute pyelonephritis treated in Urology Surgut
District Hospital in 2008.
Gaponenko I.A. Tubercular defeat of urinary ways among children, variants of treatment.
Gareeva V. R. Gastroenteric bleedings from the top departments of a digestive path.
Gasanova B.G. Age-related macular degeneration: the causes, diagnosis, current methods of treatment.
Gerasimchik O.A. The characteristics of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents.
Grigorieva M.E., Osadchenko G.A., Shaitarova A.V. The efficiency and safety of the usage of the recombinant
growth hormone preparations in the therapy of children with somatotropic deficiency.
Grigorieva S.V., Ledentsova S.L. Disoder picularities of higher mental functions and neuropsychological
rehabilitation among patients with acute stroke.
Gubaeva Y., Khokhlova N. The study on coping strategies in teenage individuals.
– 188 –
Topical Issues in Experimental and Clinical Medicin
Gulyayev A.E, Lobanov D.S. Formation of the protocol of antibiotic prophylaxis in surgery of the colon
with the use of regional data on the sensitivity of microorganisms.
Guseynova A.E. Methods of indirect revascularization of limbs.
Ibragimov O.R., Dmitrieva A.G. Luschenko I.V. Hybrid revascularization in patients with combined coronary
and carotid atherosclerosis.
Kadirova F.K. Features of the expression of adhesive complex separate molecules at the lung cancer.
Karpova M. I. Modern aspects of caffeine and nicotine addiction (literature review).
Kastyro I.V., Grishina A.S. Identification of relationship between pain syndrome rate and ST– segment
variability at early time after septoplasty.
Kim A.S., Fedyay S.O. Differentiated approaches to the evaluation of clinical syndromes with paranoid
Kintyukhin A.S., Malkov M.N., Batraeva M.V., Baeva A.A. Effect of physical exercises on parameters of
physical health of elderly women in the West Siberian North conditions.
Kiselyova E. G., Gamzatova Z. A. Assessment of the level of Medical Institute students’ verbal creativity.
Kochergina A.M, Kashtalap V.V., Barbarash O.L. Efficacy of invasive management in elder patients with
acute coronary syndrome.
Koptev I.N. Experimental study of the reparative process after antiglaucoma operations using ranibizumab.
Korshunova L.P., Ordiyants I.M., Dzhabiev A.V. Early diagnosis of venous blood flow abnormalities in the
course of pregnancy.
Kotelkina O.S., Gabdrakhimova L.I. Correlative relationship of clinical laboratory findings and investigation
data in determining of the severity level of ulcerative colitis.
Kovbashen I.V. Modern methods of treatment of diabetic macular edema.
Kozhocar K.G., Skripkina N.V. Anxiety and depression in patients with cardiovascular pathologies.
Kozlov I. G. Thrombophilic states diagnosis with the help of laboratory methods in patients with occlusive
arterial processes.
Kozlov I. G., Luschenko I.V. Comparative analysis of hemodynamic criteria changes in patients with critical
ischemia while using different methods of treatment.
Kudrinskikh I.A. Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy.
Kuldibaeva A., Tutolmin V.R., Klutchko V.S., Maystrenko D.N., Ponomarev N.I. Comparative evaluation of
technical approaches in a single surgery laparoscopic access in the treatment of cholelithiasis.
Kuldibaeva A.T., Vernigorova N.V. Characteristics of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism and the blood
coagulation system in children with metabolic syndrome.
Kuliukina N. I., Paramonova К. S. Tuberculosis of the urinary system: problems of diagnosis and treatment.
Kushil A.A. Epidemiological characteristics of viral hepatitis in the city of Surgut.
Kuyarov A.A., Saygusheva L.A. Lysozymic activity of bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus in case of disturbance
of intestines biocenosis in the inhabitants of the North.
Kuzmin D.A., Bulanova A.A.,Yumov E.L. Laser optical-acoustic analysis of the absorption spectra of gas
emission in patients with chronic obstructive disease and lung cancer.
Kuznetsov A.A., Kozhokar K.G. The possibilities of modern information diagnostic system «Gamma MultiVox
» in data analysis radiology injuries maxillofacial region.
Lengesova K.V. Korzhenevsky V.K. Surgical correction of thorax funnel deformation.
Leskova S.V. E7 oncoprotein expression in patients with HPV infection.
Lipova Yu.S. Prevalence of anomalies and deformities in dento-maxillary system of school children.
Luzina T.V. The work of the cabinet for special angionevrologic help.
Makhrov D.V., Makhrov V.I., Makhrov V.V., Matyushkin A.V., Tabunkov S.I. Lymphotropic and antioxidant
therapy of a sharp flebothrombosis.
Makhrov V.I., Makhrov V.V., Matyushkin A.V., Makhrov D.V., Tabunkov S.I. Structural changes in lymphatic
vessels and knots at experimental flebothrombosis.
Makhrov V.V., Makhrov V.I., Piksin I.N., Tabunkov S.I. Remote results of implantation of the kava-filter and
antioxidant therapy in the complex treatment of flebothrombosis.
Maksimenko AV, Petrenko I.V. Surgical treatment results of patients with ischemic heart disease with
decreased myocardial contractility.
– 189 –
Topical Issues in Experimental and Clinical Medicin
Maksimenko A.V., Petrenko I.V. Pharmacologic myocardial protection during revascularization in elderly
Malinina E.I. Features of antenatal history in children with echogenic intracardiac focus.
Malkov M.N., Batraeva M.V., Kintyukhin A.S., Baev K.A., Hodosova D.A. The impact of physical exercises
on physical health indicators of the aged men in the West Siberian North conditions.
Mamkina T.M., Yusha E.O. Psychosomatics of frequently ill children (based on the study of children with
frequent episodes of colds).
Mardamshina M. V., Tukinova A. R. Sosial status of abandoned newborns mothers.
Matsola А.S., Novikova D.I., Soltys A.V. Influence of the course hirudotherapy opisthorchiasis in experimental.
Mayer P.O. Fetal surgery: the chance to born healthy.
Mayer P.O. The change in autonomic regulation indicators among students of initial courses with different
level of anxiety, depending on a predicted exams estimate.
Mironova N.A. Features of non-verbal behavior in mood disorders in children and adolescents with type
1 diabetes mellitus.
Mitrofanova I. Yu., Yanitskaya A.V., Butenko D.V. A systemapproach to the interpretation of the pharmacotherapeutic
Mkrtchyan E.S., Timoshuk K.S . Pathogenetic approach to the surgical management of patients with
acute intestinal obstruction.
Naumenko A.S. Fenotipic features of expression Ki-67 at lung cancer.
Nefedov S.V., Fomichev M.V. The results of preterm infants nursing with extremely low birth weight.
Nenartovich I. A. Bronchial obstruction reversibility in children, suffered from bronchial asthma and
structural changes bronchus and lung.
Nurmuhametova J.M., Sidorkina O.N. Ozone therapy in treatment of patients with obliterating atherosclerosis
of lower extremities.
Orazmuradov A.A., Kolesnikova O.M. The course of pregnancy and birth outcomes among the primiparous
after surgical and medical abortions.
Ordiyants I.M., Mironov V.A., Dzhabieva A.A. Pregnancy and birth outcomes in women with threatened
miscariagein the first trimester.
Ozhegov P.S. Features of arterial hypertension in patients with ischemic heart diseaseaged 60 years
and older living in the Far North.
Petruk N.N., Zuyevskiy V.P. Morphological changes in the epithelium of the bile ducts of gold hamsters
under the influence of hypothermia and opisthorchiasis.
Pinchuk Y.N. Colonic anastomosis technique using tachocomb.
Podgorbunskikh A.E., Brusentsev O. Evaluation of sufficiency of students nutrition and the pereormance
of the canteen at Surgut State University.
Podkorytov A.A. Gastric cancer and systemic undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia (I stage).
Ponarin D.V., Ponarina S.V., Burmasova A.V. Assessment of the nutritional status, risk and obesity reasons
at the senior preschool age children visiting preschool educational institution (PEI).
Popova D, Stig O.P. Jacobsson. A fluorescence microplate screen assay for the detection of neurite
outgrowth and neurotoxicity using antibodies against βIII-tubulin.
Pozilov M.K., Ergashev N.A., Eshbakova K.A , Asrarov М.I. Influence of salvipholin on cyclosporine asensitive
mitochondrial pores of rat’s liver with alloxan diabetes.
Pristaiko A.V. Myopic neovascular membrane.First experience of treatment.
Ragozina K. Comparative Assessment of Different Forms of Health Improving Technologies at Preschool
Romanova V. S. Studying of risk factors in pathology of formation of a placenta at preeclampsia development.
Romanovskaya V.G., Kunakova E.A. The change of intellectual-mnestic activity of drug addicts.
Rudenko A.V., Trekinа N.E. The role of homocysteine in the formation of endothelial dysfunction in patients
with metabolic syndrome.
Rudnitskaya I.P. Morphofunctional parameters of lungs at patients suffering from bronchial asthma with
arterial hypertension.
Ryazanceva D.E., Eremina E.U. Age-specific characteristics of life quality of patients with Gastroesophageal
Reflux Disease.
– 190 –
Topical Issues in Experimental and Clinical Medicin
Sadygova I. M., Soltys T.V. Features of the development of children’s (4 – 7 years) autonomic nervous
system in Surgut.
Sаlamatоva T.V., Sеlivanоva M.S., Gаzееva N.A., Gоrbunоva A.N. Efficiency of the Adolescent-Friendly
Clinic programme, an innovative form of activity of the Department of Medical and Social Assistance to
Adolescents directed on protection of the reproductive health of young women.
Safronov A. A. Features of a cerebral power exchange of students with various type brain hemisphere
Sazikina U.A. Osteocalcin in predicting diseases with destructive changes in bone tissue.
Shamilova A.N. Current fluid therapy in oncology.
Shamurin A.V. Assessment of the dynamics of wound healing in patients with purulent diseases of soft
tissues in the outpatient setting.
Sharypova O.P., Sklyarova A.I. Pain perception among children and adolescents.
Sheykin I.Y., Kolosova O.N. Research the functional changes in the numan body at temperature influence
in the north.
Shiryaeva A.V., Popova M.A. Improving the effectiveness of treatment of coronary heart disease in patients
with subclinical hypothyroidism.
Shuvalova O.I. Some features of the cardiac rhythm variability of patients with essentsial hypertension
in the north.
Sogiyaynen J. M., Sogiyaynen A. A. Optimization of diagnostic processes among young people as a part
of the effectiveness of measures to prevent the recruitment.
SomovaT.M. Scientific basis of normalization of blood pressure principles of children and adolescents.
Sorokina J., Zakhmatova A. Assessment of quality of care in peritonitis.
Starodumova V. A. Prenatal infection as a development risk factor of cardioplacental failure at fetus and
Strokova O. A. Validity of including statins in treatment of patients with arterial hypertensia.
Sumets A.A. The nature of changes in substances with low and medium molecular weight in case of
acute experimental verapamil poisoning.
Sus L.A. Modern methods of ultrasonic diagnosis of complications of placental insufficiency in the
prognosis of pregnancy.
Tefnants N.A. The efficiency of modern methods of the prophylaxis of vertical transmission of HIV infection.
Tkachev V. N., Yurchenko A.S., Evtushenko I.D., Naslednikova I.O., Novitsky V. V.,Kublinsky K.S., Menshikova
N. S., Ilyadi E.B. The effectiveness of the treatment of genital endometriosis depending on the polymorphism
of genes of glutathione-S-transferase.
Toychuev Z. M., Gataullin I. G. , Aglullin I. R. Prevention of Para-colostomy Complications after Abdominal-
perineum Extirpation of the Rectum.
Toychuev Z.M, Gataullin I.G, Maharjan R.K. Мethod of forming the end colostomy in the surgical treatment
of patients with colorectal cancer.
Trekina NE, Rudenko AV. Preclinical markes of the metabolic syndrome.
Tropina E.B. Contemporary approaches to the antimicrobic prophylaxis of infectious complications
after cesarean section.
Vedenkina I.V., Dolgopolova D.A., Mikhailovskaya A.N. Cerebrovascular violations in patients with chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease.
Vereschinskiy A.M, Shvedov K.S., Melne I.O. The application experience and evaluation of non-invasive
ventilation in premature infants.
Vojtova E. Pregnancy hypertension and metabolic syndrome.
Volkyvskaya E.D., Drozdovich E.A. The results of a study of vegetative regulation of cardiac activity in
diabetes mellitus based on the results of monitoring of heart rate variability.
Volodina E.S., Osadchenco G.A., Shaytarova A.V. Multinodular goiterin children: The strategy for the diagnostics
and treatment.
Vorobyova I.A, Minnigalina D.R. The evaluation rate of development of students’ creativity.
Yagovkina S.Yu. Some clinical and epidemiological features of infectious mononucleosis in children
over 3 years of age.
Yakhontov D., Derisheva D. The assessment of coronary bed pattern in coronary artery disease patients
with different left ventricle mass arterial hypertension.
– 191 –
Topical Issues in Experimental and Clinical Medicin
Yurieva M.Yu. Disadaptive conditions and methods of health optimization in people of extreme professions.
Zakhmatova A.U., Fadeeva D.E. Clinical and epidemiological analysis of salmonellosis outbreaks in Surgut.
Zaripova L.R., Radzinsky V.E., Galina T.V., Zlatovratskya T.V., Golikova T.P. Provisions to improve perinatal
Zasedateleva Ye.I. Extreme hobbies as a way to rehabilitation people with dependent behavior.
Zaynutdinova A.Z. The differentiated approaches to the treatment oligomenorrhea among adolescent
Zulumyan T.N., Khamoshina M.B., Petrova V.D. Estimation of AMH level after surgery for benign noninflammatory
ovarian diseases of young women.

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